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Heartbeats of The Desert

I was reading an article about Monument Valley in the Navajo tribal park and was struck with the words of Miesha Holiday, a young guide whose father owns the tour company in the park. She said, “It’s taught to us that the rocks are alive. My great grandpa would call them ‘talking rocks’ and in our culture each of these mesas and these buttes, they have heartbeats. I think people feel that when they come here. It’s a really spiritual place.” I wanted to depict this story and used an interesting piece of Colorado alabaster that was porous, like travertine. The rough, porous stone was great for depicting the sandstone monuments inside of the arch, but the texture interfered with one of the visages of the monumental ladies, so I experimented with paint in order to make the face more uniform. I used pigmented stone epoxy to fill the holes on the front of the arch to add more color to that side.

16 x 10.5 x 4,
18 x 10.5 x 7.5 with base
30 lbs.
mixed media (Colorado Alabaster)

Heartbeats of the Desert
Heartbeats of the Desert
Heartbeats of the Desert