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Pictoral Description of the Carving Process

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Step One Looking at the
rock and seeing what
God has put into
the stone.
Step 1

Step Three Roughing out
the shape (notice the 4 inch
angle grinder with the
diamond blade and the
respirator helmet that I wear
to protect my lungs and eyes.)
Step 3

Step Five Working on the
hair and beak
Step 5

Step Seven Refining the
front of the shirt
Step 7

Step Nine Putting more
details on the front
Step 9

Step Eleven Engraving
designs on the shirt
and on the blanket
Step 11

Step Two Observe the shape
and color and pray
for inspiration.
Step 2

Step Four Roughing out the
bird mask and the right knee
Step 4

Step Six Hollowing out the
Step 6

Step Eight Refining the hair,
and putting details on the shirt
Step 8

Step Ten Sanding the blanket
and the beak (When you sand
and polish the stone, it reveals
the natural color and when you
bruise the stone with a tool, it
turns white. I have engraved the
designs on the shirt and blanket
and filed the hair and fringe.)

Step 10 Front

Step Twelve "Raven Steals the
Moon" is finished
- Utah Alabaster,
25" x 17 1/2" x 9"
Offer a prayer of gratitude.
Finished Sculpture